Transcript: Hi everybody, its Lara… your handy dandy Logistics Co-Chair for the March for Science Atlanta. Here to give you a very short and succinct post about accessibility for Saturday. And just a small note right below this post is a transcript of this presentation that I’m giving now for those of you that need it.
The first thing for us to talk about in terms of accessibility is the actual infrastructure around the park. These roads, which are also part of the march route, McLendon and Candler Park Drive are paved and have paved sidewalks. There’s also a paved area that goes through the center of the Candler Park rally area, that would be ideal for persons with accessibility challenges- as a way to access the march and rally for Saturday. The vendor tables are in this area, as well as the bike racks… We have three bike racks… first come first serve for those. The toilet areas inside the park and just on the Candler Park Dr route have both ADA accessible and conventional port-o-potties.
For the stage itself, we have a special roped off area for individuals with mobility issues, but also for individuals that need ASL interpreters. We are going to have those on stage. In this area, there will also be chairs in that area for individuals who cannot stage for that long (of which I am one). Note- there is limited seating here…
It is also important to note, that on top of the access and accessibility conversations, please remember that the march is not mandatory. You can come and you can be part of the rally, and then the 2-mile route that goes from Candler Park around Little 5 Points and back. If that is too long, which it is for me, you can come hang out with me at the vendor area. We’re going to be playing music and having a good time.

So, just remember the march is not mandatory, you can come and be with us at the rally and stay. Especially for folks at home that maybe coming to a march and rally like this is not feasible… stick to social media. Clearly you’re savvy and are with us now. We’re going to do our best to Facebook Live both the march and the rally. We’re going to be tweeting, snacpchatting, and all sorts of ways to access and participate with us from home.

So stay tuned! If you have any questions, email and I’ll be there to answer your questions!