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(Mar 20, 2017) — March For Science Atlanta revealed its location in Candler Parkfor the Earth Day rally happening around the world on April 22. A program of speakers is scheduled to begin at 12pm on stage in Candler Park and then resume at 4pm upon the completion of the 2 mile march around Little Five Points. The first of the speakers to be announced, Casey Bethel and Cameron Muskelly, represent Georgia’s K-12 STEM programs.

Casey Bethel, named 2017 Georgia Teacher of the Year, made the switch from science researcher to science educator in 2005 when he observed a decline in science education. He currently teaches multiple science courses at New Manchester High School, as well as hosting elementary STEM exhibitions, tutoring middle school science students, and conducting biochemistry research on Alzheimer’s disease and glaucoma at Georgia Institute of Technology. Bethel gave a TEDxDouglasville talk and has spent the past six summers participating in Georgia Tech’s Georgia Intern-Fellowships for Teachers.
The second speaker to be announced is Cameron Muskelly, an 18 year old senior at Duluth High School and self-proclaimed time traveler. Muskelly is an aspiring geologist whose passion for geology and paleontology moves him to inspire others on the path to discovery.

He explains, “I was born a Time Traveler. That is exactly how I see myself. I do not need a time machine to do such a thing. I time travel with the rocks and fossils around me. Each fossil and each rock no matter how big or small has a page in the long chapter of the history of our planet. This chapter can span for millions or even billions of years. Each fossil has a story to tell and it is my job to tell that story.”
Muskelly is a talented student on the autism disorder spectrum. He attributes his impassioned desire to share his love for geology and paleontology to his disorder, which has not gotten in the way of his accomplishments.

Cameron Muskelly will be telling his story about the “adventures of an 18-year-old Georgia time traveler through deep geological time” and revealing why the future of science in this country is in good hands on Saturday, March 25 for Atlanta Science Tavern’s event at Manuel’s Tavern 602 N. Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA starting at 7:00pm. This event is free and open to the public.  Members of the media are invited to attend and interview can be arranged prior to the event.

To schedule an interview, contact Nadia Lelutiu, 678-642-6972,   For additional information, visit

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