Climate Change Recognition

Climate Change Recognition

“That’s the good thing about science. It’s true whether you believe it or not”

~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

Climate change is real

Climate change is happening

Humans are causing it

It’s not too late to change it



The current administration’s writing off of climate change as a hoax, and filling federal positions with individuals who emphatically deny human-caused climate change is unnerving! The earth’s surface is warming up at an alarming rate, much faster than what would be predicted by strictly natural causes, and the consequences could affect us all in the very near future. Scientific data shows that carbon dioxide emission as a result of burning fossil fuels is one major cause of global warming. As well, another heat trapping molecule, methane, which is actually able to trap more heat than carbon dioxide could be released from melting permafrost, thus accelerating the warming of the earth surface even more. The higher temperatures could result in the melting of polar ice caps, which affect the local ecosystems but also can cause the sea-levels to rise, which could affect islands and low-lying areas. These are just some of the affects of a rapidly warming earth.

Countries around the globe have recognized the threat that global warming poses, and have come together to agree to lower their country’s emissions in what is known as the Paris Agreement. This agreement underlines the reality that global warming is not just an American problem, but a global one, and it will take a concerted effort to reduce emissions and slow the warming significantly in order to prevent some of the devastating consequences that could occur if we do not take action. The current administration’s declaration that they plan to pull out of the Paris Agreement is therefore alarming for the entire world, as the United States is one of the major contributors to carbon dioxide emissions.

The March for Science Atlanta stands with the 97% of climate scientist that have concluded that man-made global warming is real and must be recognized by policy makers in order to save our planet for future generations.

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