Science Education for an Informed Electorate

Science Education for an Informed Electorate

A well-informed electorate is a pre-requisite to democracy

~Thomas Jefferson

Democracy is built on the premise that the people who are voting are making an informed decision. In order for people to make an informed decision they must be equipped with the information. This is why the March for Science Atlanta stresses the importance of science education and outreach. This education must begin in the classrooms and extend to other facets of life. The onus is on the science community to educate the public of scientific findings, and we at the March for Science Atlanta are charging ourselves and those in the science community to participate in science outreach. As outreach and education are vital to our democracy, those in positions of power  must not attempt to stymie this exchange of information. The science community must not be silenced!

The March for Science Atlanta believes that one of the most effective ways to protect science is to encourage the public to value and invest in it. This can only be achieved through effective, unhindered, science education and outreach.

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