Volunteer Newsletter: If You Volunteer, We Cheer!

There are 45 days, 15 hours, and 31 minutes until we March for Science in the streets of Atlanta! We still have so much left to do to prepare, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

These are the volunteer roles we currently need you to fill. If you can volunteer your time to one or more of these activities, contact the person in charge of that committee. We can’t wait to hear from you!

There is no minimum amount of time to dedicate as a volunteer. Help as much or as little as you can! And if you have time to spare, meet us for dinner and drinks!

Public Relations

Social Media: create content (i.e. videos, memes, announcements, events)

News Media: write newsletters/content, contact radio/TV/magazines, place ads

Street Teams: distribute flyers, promo swag, come up with contests, interactive info booths

University Outreach: engage your universities (i.e. flyers, emails, events)

Community Outreach: help us secure partnerships with area science-based organizations

K-12 Outreach: engage public schools and STEM programs


Sponsorship: contact corporations or local businesses for sponsorship deals

Organize and Volunteer: work with us at fundraising events

Donations: solicit donations with our paypal card readers


Green Team: aid in recycling and sustainable/zero waste, clean up after the march

Water is Life Team: provide clean drinking water along march route

Volunteer Committee

VC: serve in leadership roles for outreach and volunteer recruitment. You would be in charge of volunteer recruitment for specific organizations, such as Emory, Google, or specific non-profits


IT: Anyone with experience in AWS, WordPress, and with a LAMP stack

Join us on March 18 at 10am for a Volunteer Orientation/Kick-Off! We are so excited to get you on board and part of this worldwide effort to save science!!

There is no guarantee that we will be able to pair you up with your preferred activity based on your volunteer submission form alone! Please email the corresponding contact, if you are interested!

Yours truly,


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